You build your empire. We’ll find the customers.

We generate established brands
100+ new customers per day
on a performance basis.

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You build your empire. We'll find the customers.

Traditional marketing agencies suck. You can do better.

Unicorn Traffic is a growth marketing firm that creates performance-based partnerships with DTC, SAAS, and lead generation focused businesses.

Leveraging a hyper-growth paid traffic strategy with channels such as TikTok, Meta, and Google.

Performance marketing means: we receive commissions on growth and new sales generated.

Our ideal partner is generating multiple 8 to 9 figures in revenue, is thoroughly committed to growth, and is obsessed with metrics like: CVR, AOV, & LTV.

If there is a mutual fit, we assign multiple industry experts, with unbeatable track records, directly to this partnership with one singular focus: Generate New Customers.

Stop wasting money on mediocre results and metrics that just look good on paper.

You’ve got better things to do than babysit another ad agency that notoriously over-promises and under-delivers.

Generating big brands
new growth.

We’ve generated hundreds of millions in traceable revenue for some of the world’s largest brands. Here are just a handful.

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We’re Looking For Our Next “Unicorn” Brand. Do you have what it takes?

Many organizations want performance-based growth, but aren’t ready for that step. That’s why we’re extremely selective on the brands we decide to invest in. Does your company have what it takes to scale?

Build a long-term relationship with a Growth Marketing Firm that gets results.

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We only partner with elite brands ready to generate revenue – not vanity metrics.

See if you you’re the right fit.

We’ll conduct a comprehensive analysis of your Customer Acquisition & Paid Ads strategy and design a program to meet mutually-agreed to growth goals.

We’ll take it from there.

Leave it with us. We’ll implement, iterate, and scale a Customer Acquisition Machine that drives growth from new customers.

We eat, sleep, and dream paid traffic, so you don’t have to.

  1. Crush goals with a multi-channel strategy.Don’t limit your brand to a single channel. We’ve mastered the paid traffic game so you can diversify how your brand drives new revenue.
  2. Access to an elite roster of growth advisors. We’ve built an all-star team of world-class strategists, media buyers & creatives in order to maximize the growth potential of our investment into your brand.
  3. Unlock new growth on a performance basis Focus on growth and only pay for actual results. We invest into DTC growth on a performance basis…in exchange for commission on new customers & the growth we generate.
  4. Scale customer acquisition with experienced experts. Leverage the proven expertise that comes with unparalleled experience. The Unicorn Traffic team has managed millions in ad spend and generated hundreds of millions in tracked revenue.

We put as much skin in the game as you do, so we care about real results.

Unicorn Traffic is the full stack. We have the tools, talent, and experience to get results.

  • Paid Traffic Strategy
  • Multi-Channel Media Buying
  • UGC Ad Creative
  • Analytics and Tracking

The media buying power of Unicorn Traffic removes barriers so we can go all-in on strategies that work.